France. The restaurateur asked the Ukrainian women “Viva Putin”. Internet users post thousands of negative comments about the campus

Two Ukrainian women say they were asked to leave a Parisian restaurant because of their citizenship. A video posted online showing the campus manager repeating “Viva Putin” sparked widespread outrage. Thousands of people are now giving the restaurant negative reviews online.

Larisa and Melissa, mother and daughter, entered Le Cozy Montparnasse restaurant in Paris for a “hot, hot drink because it was raining.” After reviewing the menu, they asked the waitress to confirm if they could afford the order: – We explained that since we are Ukrainian refugees, we have a limited budget and it is important to know how much we will pay – Melissa reported.

“Ukrainians are not welcome”

In response, they were told that “Ukrainians are not welcome on their premises.” The customers decided to complain to the restaurant manager. He asked the women out the door, repeating “Viva Putin.” A recording of the incident was posted on social media by the Vice-President of the Union of Ukraine. FranceVolodymyr Kogutiak.

In an interview with reporters, the restaurant repeated “Viva Putin” after hearing threats from customers. He apologized, explaining his behavior as “irritating”. “I don’t care if they are Ukrainian or not, we accept everyone, they don’t want to order anything and waste the staff’s time when the restaurant is full,” he said. He said Larissa and Melissa wanted to use the customer-only accessible restroom because they were “cool” and stayed in the restaurant without ordering.

“The food was as cold as the owners’ hearts”

The restaurant’s apology failed to convince thousands of people outraged by his and his staff’s behavior. Internet users are now posting negative and derisive restaurant reviews as a sign of protest. “The food is tasteless and cold like the hearts of the owners”, “The food is not bad, but the atmosphere is disgusting”, “The worst restaurant in France. Snails are undercooked, foie gras from old socks, and when I saw in the kitchen, they were making truffles from mushrooms. Avoid it.” These are some of the thousands of comments posted after the incident in the famous Montparnasse district.

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Possible, supported, among other things, by the attempt to offer low standards, by Gokutiak, it gained international fame and became a kind of war: in the last 24 hours of the restaurant, not only thousands of negative comments appeared, but also reviews giving the restaurant five stars: “Viva Putin” or ” Friendly Service and Ownership”.

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