France: Police disperse pro-Palestinian demonstrators

War in the Middle East is dividing French society – fearing riots, the head of the interior ministry has banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations that could lead to riots. A corresponding letter was sent to the local provinces, but in Paris, Israel’s protesters took to the streets.

Several hundred demonstrators demonstrated in the city center at Republic Square. The crowd shouted.Palestine will win!”,”Israel is a murderer, Macron is an accomplice!” and chanted: “Zionists, Zionists, you are terrorists!”.

At one point the police cordoned off the crowd Authorities had to use tear gas and water cannons. As of now, there are no reports of incidents or arrests.

– We live in a state of law, in a country … We have the right to take a stand and protest. Charlotte Vautier, an employee of a non-profit organization that participated in Thursday’s rally, told Reuters it was unfair for one side to ban a demonstration and allow the other to do so.

E. Macron’s message. “This is not a war between Israelis and Palestinians

The crowd cheered In the evening the President of France delivered a speech to the nation. In a televised speech by a politician It announced additional security for Jewish schools and places of worship.

Reuters – citing Macron’s statements – points out France is home to the largest Muslim communities and Jews in Europe and past conflicts in the Middle East fueled internal tensions.

This is not a war between Israelis and PalestiniansBut still Between a terrorist group and society Proclaims democratic values ​​- said the President in his address.

War in Israel. Latest death toll

As a result of Hamas’ attack on Israel, 13 French citizens were killed. – We are doing everything to ensure the release of the hostages – Emmanuel Macron assured that its officials are in constant contact with the families of the victims.

War erupted in the Middle East after Hamas attacked Israel on Saturday. As a result of terrorist activities At least 1.2 thousand Israelis died, 3,000 were wounded. The Gaza Strip fired more than 5,000 rockets at its arch-rival.

Massacre by Hamas terrorists On our children, our wives and our entire nation It’s brutal, it’s inhumane. Israel Defense Forces are battling ruthless terrorists who have committed unimaginable acts – He said in his first speech after the outbreak of war Chief of the Israeli General Staff Herzei Halavi.

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