France, Normandy. People were running from the beach in the wind, and a Gitzerfer was abducted from the sea

A violent wind blew off the coast of Normandy in France on Saturday evening. A guitarist was killed and the wind picked him up from the sea and blew him against a nearby restaurant building, officials said.

The French media described Saturday’s event as a “mini air trumpet”. At 8:30 pm a strong wind blew and the CeĆ“te Fleurie crossed the entire coast. The video from Dooville shows people running in panic as strong winds carry sand and objects. The weekend trip to the French beaches was sunny and sunny, attracting crowds.

According to Thierry Granderko, mayor of the town of Willers-sur-Mer, about 10 kilometers from Doville, a kitscher was killed when he was swept away by a storm. The 31-year-old then crashed into the building of a beach restaurant. Survivors could not save him though. Services reported Sunday about a second gigsurfer having trouble navigating the water. However, it landed safely.

A point was set up at the casino where people who needed help might gather. The local media writes about 57 such people. 3 of them were taken to the hospital.

People were running in the wind on the French coast Reuters / Sami Bougern

“Most hid behind walls or cars. Panic ensued.”

Damage due to strong winds has been recorded in many places, the largest of which is Willers-sur-Mer.

The mayor said he had been warned of strong winds in the area Saturday night, but no one expected such a violent event on Saturday evening.

– People tried to escape to cars. Most of them hid behind walls or cars. Panic ensued, someone said.

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Main photo source: Reuters / Sami Bougern

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