'Food Network' star Valerie Bertinelli shares a 'PSA' after people criticized her appearance

Valerie Bertinelli is slamming critics who made comments about her appearance on social media.

On Tuesday, the Food Network star posted a makeup-free photo “PSA” video. On Instagram To confront those who made fun of her gray hair and the use of filters.

“I'm shooting without a filter today because some of you really cringe when I choose to use a filter, which is what I told you about,” she said. “Sometimes I use a filter, sometimes I don't. Most of the time, I use a filter because this is me without makeup, and this is not a filter.”

The 63-year-old went on to shut down social media users who accused her of wearing wigs in her posts.

“Can you get me a wig without flipping up the gray roots, please? Because I'm tired of cutting my roots every two weeks,” she said, lowering her head to give viewers a good look at her hair.

Despite the negative comments, the Kids' Baking Championship host didn't hesitate to acknowledge people who were “really nice” and “nice” to her on social media.

“Thank God, 99.9% of you are really nice people who don’t care whether I have roots or put on a filter,” she said.

Bertinelli's followers defended her in the comments section amid comments about her appearance, including “Saved by the Bell” actress Tiffani Thiessen.

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Bertinelli thanked her followers who treated her with “kindness” and “kindness” on social media amid the hurtful comments she received.

In July last year, Bertinelli posted a video on TikTok discussing her personal experiences with a controversial cosmetic practice – Botox.

“I tried Botox… and I hated it,” she said after someone made a scathing comment on social media accusing her of getting cosmetic injections.

She then shared a photo of herself with Botox taken six years ago, before saying: “The shape of my eyebrows has changed somewhat.

“And I thought it would help me with my hereditary puffy eyes,” she said.

The “One Day at a Time” alum continued to encourage her followers not to “sham” people for what they do with their bodies.

“Don't shame anyone if they want to do something, anything, to make themselves feel better while they're out in this crazy, volatile world. We're all in this together,” she said.

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