Five deals, five QBs selected in round 1

We’re only three months away from the 2022 NFL player selection meeting, known as the NFL Draft.

It appears that only five quarterbacks were selected last week in the top half of the first round of the 2021 draft, with Trevor Lawrence Generally go to Jaguar.

My initial prediction for the first three rounds of the 2022 draft comes with an optimistic view of where this year’s top signal callers will be selected. I was similarly optimistic last year, predicting that the Fab Five would disappear from the 14th pick On my first fake draft.

There is an argument that can be made that this year’s group of quarterbacks is not as talented as the group of 2021. One or two of the five passers-by included in the first round of this simulation may not go to the first round. We’ll see how potential customer reviews take shape in the coming weeks.

Note that this mock draft includes expected offsetting choices in Round 3 based on the predictions set by my colleague Lance Zierlein last spring. Additionally, all selections obtained by trade in round 3 of this form are drop. The official list of compensatory selections will be made available by the league in the coming weeks. Six additional picks were added at the end of the third round of perks Minority employees lost to coach or general manager positions throughout the league, but the ranking of these selections is also a drop.

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