Fire in Canada. A cloud of smoke has reached Europe

A plume of smoke from wildfires in Canada has crossed the Atlantic Ocean and is now visible in satellite images across western Europe, England’s government meteorological agency, the Met Office, said on Monday.

Radio RTL stressed that the smog reaching Europe on Monday, toxic in Canada, should be at a lower concentration after crossing the Atlantic.

Air quality indicators in Montreal on Monday were among the worst in the world, and Sunday was the worst, according to Swiss IQAir.

The Spanish Meteorological Center also observed the smoke plume. “Satellite imagery shows the fires in Canada reaching the Iberian Peninsula. Further south, suspended dust from the Sahara can be seen,” AEMET reported.

In addition to the negative effects of smoke on the atmosphere, the UK’s Met Office says a “side effect” could be unusually clear sunrises and sunsets over the coming days.

Fire in Canada

According to data from the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre, 7.4 million hectares of forest have burned in Canada this year. In the last seven days – 1.4 million.

In Quebec alone, where the situation is particularly difficult, fires have burned 2.6 million hectares of forest this year.


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