Finals players were divided on whether the Light class needed buffs

John Esposito

The Light class continues to be a point of discussion among The Finals fans, as players remain divided on whether or not the class needs buffs.

Embark Studios surprised the 2023 Game Awards with the surprise launch of The Finals, a new free-to-play FPS from Battlefield veterans. In the game, contestants participate in a game show and must complete various objectives to move to the next round and ultimately win the game.

Watching or playing the Finals shows its roots in Battlefield, where playable arenas are torn apart in seconds. Just like the popular FPS game, players can choose from a variety of classes to give their team the edge in the game.

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Now that the game is out, it seems like the Light class has created quite a buzz among the player base.

Finalists discuss the Light category

In the finals, players can choose between three categories: light, medium, or heavy. As the names indicate, each has advantages and trade-offs, such as light being more mobile but weaker, while heavy is slower but more flexible and durable.

Now that the full game has been released, player numbers have reached an all-time high, and fan comments have been pouring in. One specific comment was from upset Light fans. Search through Reddit threadswhich is full of rework ideas or posts suggesting it’s weaker than the other two.

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However, the finals player, Left-Gur7210, Share a different opinion about the class. “You’re playing it wrong,” they said, mentioning that it’s supposed to be a “glass cannon” that attacks enemies with its faster movement.

Many comments shared a similar opinion, with one sharing: “People get into this game without realizing it’s a team-based shooter, which means you’re usually supposed to be with your team.” Additionally, one player said: “I think this is one of the most team-oriented games I’ve ever played. If your team doesn’t work together you’ll melt every time.”

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Despite the sweeping generalization, many comments targeted players who lost 1v1 battles. “I think the underlying mentality of a lot of FPS games is that the majority aim to be the best, and then make direct comparisons based on that metric alone,” stated another .

We’ll see if Embark Studios plans to update the Light class, so stay tuned for our coverage of the finals.

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