Final: South Carolina 3 – Arkansas 1

The South Carolina baseball team is on a streak that they want to snap, and now they’ve lost five straight games. The Gamecocks were more competitive on Friday night than they had been for the better part of two weeks, but the head coach was in the sixth year Mark Kingston and his team at Boom Walker Stadium, one of the toughest places to play in college baseball to take on No. 3 Arkansas. The premiere is set tonight at 7 p.m. and will air on SEC Network+.

ninth inning – Running the insurance would be nice. But the 7-8-9 hitters are in order to appear. LeCroy pops to second base on a 1-1 pitch. Big Tip walks to a full count to give the Gamecocks a runner. Tippett swipes the second. It was originally called, but the reboot shows that it is safe, and the call has passed. The stone reaches an unexpected 0-1 degree outside the area and pops into the center. Braswell trails 1-2, then 2-2, then 3-2. He goes down a swing on an outside fastball (which may have been called a hit) to end the inning. …one step up, one for Fitch. Slavins get to pop up to the center. Trailing 3-1 to Holt, then 3-2. After knocking out a few notes, Holt heads to center. two down. Polk swings on four courts. soccer. and a much needed win for the Gamecocks. Final: Carolina 3 – Arkansas 1

Eighth inning – Petri on the scoreboard, trailing 0-2. He hit twice and hit once. Umpire didn’t do Petry right tonight. He at least gets the ball this half and goes 1-2 to center. The ball is dropped on the track. The ball just doesn’t fly in this park. Messina short grounds. two down. Judgment stinks. Casas takes a swing, but hits a wild floor. Wimmer comes. The guard hits to third. Kale can’t make a charge, he carries the ball, and Casas kept moving around third base. I mean, in some ways it can be hardcore baseball because you expect the third baseman to throw the ball to first, and then Casas will be easy safe at third. But he does not. So he was easily caught to end the inning. …enters Fitch. Josenberg walks five pitches, then goes to second on a wild pitch. Diggs grounds to second, but Bohrofen hits the first single to clinch the first run of the game for the Razorbacks. McLaughlin flies to the right. Two down for Cali, the five-hole hitter. Bohrofen moves into second place on a pass. Very non Messina like. Fitch came back with two hits to make it 1-2, then had him bowl on the next pitch. The big hit ends the round. Carolina 3 – Arkansas 1

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seventeenth – Tippett Ks swung when 1’s and 2’s weren’t strikes. Leading at a count of 2-1, Stone then reached a full count rally to bring up the top of the standings. Braswell descends, looking for a floor that isn’t a hit. After Stone passes the second swipe, Brewer rebounds to end the inning. … The Slavs singles out to right, and so does Holt in left field. The Slavs had a good connection, but Holt didn’t. Jones will pinch a punch for Roland. Jack Mahoney, guys. Dude Gets His Double Play Ball. Bolton are leading 2-1, now 3-1. Mahoney makes it 3-2, then hits the nine-hole batter. What a game for him. It’s in 90 fields. Carolina 3 – Arkansas 0

Sixth inning – Casas flies out to the right, then Wimmer outs to the second baseman, who makes the play in shallow right. Two outs on three pitches. LeCroy needs to have one of those long strikers here to give Mahoney some break. LeCroy sees six pitches, and two of the “hits” he saw weren’t just hits, including one that was called Strike 3. The home plate umpire stinks. … Mahoney takes the hard hit ball from the groin, which bounces to Braswell, who makes the play. good job. Casas then makes a nice play at first to drop the ball, and Mahoney shows off his skills in the middle. Kali hits a soft line to left on the first pitch. This was three up, three down for a 3-4-5 in the Hogs standings. Mahoney is still only in 78 pitches. Carolina 3 – Arkansas 0

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Fifth inning – Brewer is going down in strikes for the third time already in this game. Petrie was looking at a 2-2 pitch, near the same spot he hit him last time, but this one was a little closer. He just missed a home run error on AB’s second pitch. Messina swoops in from first field to deep right center, on a ball that almost runs out. … Rowland Kansas looking at a slick cracking ball. Bolton nine holes leading and trailing 0-2. He’s using a really decent AB for his full recovery, but none of the pitches were even close. Mahoney got a quick fumble, but then made it 6-3 to end the half. Braswell with another really nice play. Josenberger is working on a solo outing. The failed move moved him to second base. Huge Mahoney’s sake right there. Diggs, their man, comes down looking. Carolina 3 – Arkansas 0

fourth – Flip the order, and they’ll face new RHP Will McEntire. Petri hits, then Messina drops a song to the right. Casas first bounced through the right side to score Petri. Six pitches, three baserunners, one run, and no ends. Visit the hill. Then Wimmer passes one backup in the middle. LeCroy strikes out, Tippett pops onto the pitch. Stone comes! Singles through the left side of another board. Braswell swung on four pitches to end the inning. Three runs on four strikes. … Mahoney has been rock solid so far through three innings. He’s facing a 4-5-6 this round. gets McLaughlin to pop up to LeCroy. Kale exits to left field on the second pitch of his at-bat, putting Mahoney on 45 pitches. Slavens go up 2-0. The next pitch is a punt to the middle, but Braswell makes a good play on the first pitch ball toward the hole to get the Slavens on the second to end the inning. Carolina 3 – Arkansas 0

INNING porridge – He sends the eight-hole Carolina Tippett to the plate, and starts the half with a single over the shortstop. But Stone springs a bunt, and Braswell outs to carry the runner to second. Brewer with his second bad hit of the game to end the inning. He wasn’t close. … The defense plays Bolton to go the other way, but pulls the field inside the third base bag for a double up front. Josenberger hunted him down for the two-hole Diggs. Mahoney trails 3-0, but brings it back to 3-2, then makes Diggs look at the third strike. amazing. Yes. Mahoney got all the hit he didn’t in the first inning that Tygert got. Bohofen pops to the left to end the inning. There are no points

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Second half – Messina ranks third. Casas is Carolina’s first baserunner, hitting a pitch. But Wimmer comes down and looks at another call for third strike, which was not in the area. LeCroy pops into shallow center. … Kali stalled on the first pitch, then the Slavens sprinted to center on the second pitch from home AB. Holt takes a shot from Mahoney’s foot, but seems fine after a quick chat with the coach. Roland hits to end the inning. There are no points

first half – Tygert runs through the inning with ease. Van Horn said the other day he’s going to throw 45, and he can go 60. We’ll see. Runs through the first well. Braswell hit a soft ball to right on the first pitch, but Diggs made a diving drive. Will it be this kind of day again? Brewer swings through a 3-2 curveball, then goes down Petrie looking for a freaky strikeout call. … Mahoney Ks Josenberger, but he walks Diggs. Brohoven pops to center, and McLaughlin bounces to the outside to end the inning. There are no points

RHP Jack Mahoney: 4-2, 4.42 ERA, 57.0 IP, 20 BB, 57 K
RHP Brady Tegart: 2-0, 3.86 ERA, 9.1 IP, 8 BB, 17K

SS Michael Braswell
LF Dylan Brewer
RF Ethan Petrie
c Cole Messina
1 b Gavin Casas
DH Brilliane Wimmer
3 b Talmadge Lakeroy
2 b Will Tippett
CF Evan Stone

CF Tavian Gusenberger
RF Kendall Diggs
LF Jess Borovin
DH Ben McLaughlin
3B Caleb Cali
1B Brady Slavins
To be Peyton Holt
C Parker Rowland
SS John Bolton

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