Federation without Jews and gays. Kaczyński threatens Przyłębska’s enemies. Marital adventures of a police chief

There is no doubt about it – the Federation was a fully planned political project built on radical postulates and radical principles. Are whips gay? Why not! Are you scaring the Jews who will take the land from the pole? How! 10 years imprisonment for women who have abortions? Of course! That’s the whole program of the federation – including barking at the EU and promising to abolish taxes. At least, that’s what Slavomir Mentsen, one of the formation’s leaders, said when he co-founded the consortium 4 years ago. Today, a recording of Mentzen’s lecture — delivered by the editors of the political radio drama “State of Exception” — is troubling the federation because it shows their cynical play on emotions. But this lecture – or the business plan for creating a party – is an eye-opener to the cynicism of the federation. No, it’s not surprising at all. After all, the Federation is a coalition of two political circles that cannot come to the Sejm by themselves. Janusz Corwin-Micke, who spat on women and minorities, had been fighting the Corwinists for years, finding the bright side in pedophilia and Putinism. The Nationalists were repulsed by the shaved necks and black shirts of their most loyal troops. After forming a bipartisan coalition, Corwin and black neck hiding, the Confederacy achieved electoral success – both voters joined with a vengeance. The authors of “State of Exception” Andrzej Stankiewicz (ONET.PL) and Renata Krochel (“Newsweek”) describe how the federation rose to the political top. In some polls, they are already the third strongest, with support reaching a dozen or more percent. Is this the result of Kaczynski’s regime, which has encouraged civility to fight Brussels and demonize minorities? Could it be the result of Tusk’s indifference, which fought PiS for social voters and abandoned economically liberal policies and left them to Corbyn’s descendants? Or perhaps it was the fault of Holovnia, who, as a political novice, captured anti-establishment voters and then, in conjunction with the legitimate PSL, failed to push it towards a coalition? In this issue of “State of exception”, Renata Grochal and Andrzej Stankiewicz talk about the situation of Jarosław Kaczyński, who interrupted his painful orthopedic recovery to oppose Julia Przyłębska’s opponents at the Constitutional Court. These bad guys – we explain the president – his exceptional work is inextricably linked with a special position in his ranks. Jealous people want Julia out of the saddle for a place in the ranks of the Constitutional Court and the President. The CEO said “no” to naysayers because he was not ready to make social changes in his life. But this “no” means little—because the president has lost control of the tribunal. It’s more painful than a knee injury. The authors of “State of Exception” wonder if the police chief, General Jaroslav Simczyk, still has control over his own life and family. The general’s daughter was friends with the wife of a hooligan and a football hooligan – he invited them to his wedding. The young man rapped about his hatred of cops and police informers — and after being arrested, he deluded himself and asked the general’s daughter to intercede with her father. The General saw nothing wrong with it. He told posterity not to be interested in his work. We appreciate the humanitarian nature of the commander’s daughter. I’m sure that girl has a good heart. Maybe – he likes tough raps about dad’s subordinates.

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