FBI at Trump House The photo shows what the former US president was doing – o2

In addition to gathering all the necessary documents, witnesses – assistants and employees of the Mar-a-Lago estate – must also testify at the jury in Washington. First, they were interrogated voluntarily. They will now testify under oath and their testimony will be transcribed. Secret Service agents who protected Trump have also been called to testify, according to CNN insiders.

On track to destroy state documents

First, Trump kept the classified files after he left the White House. He also allegedly obstructed the investigation last May when the Justice Department demanded the return of government documents.

Investigators collected texts and memos from Molly Michael, Trump’s aide, detailing what Trump did and who he hung out with on a daily basis.

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Trump spokesman Steven Cheung, when asked to comment on the latest developments, said there was “prosecutor misconduct” and leaks in the investigation.

FBI He requested permission to search the Mar-a-Lago property. This was done in August last year. The former president’s properties have been raided like never before. During these operations, investigators seized hundreds of classified documents. The FBI entered the property months after the Justice Department determined from surveillance footage that Trump had failed to return all of his documents.

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