Fascinating action. A Russian tank escapes fire

The OSINTTechnical Channel posted a log view on the “X” portal The T-90M tank burst into flames. The crew, despite the visible fire, decided to stay away from the battlefield and continue driving. The decision may have been taken due to fears of further Ukrainian drone strikes.

As “Interia” points out, while the speeding tank fire is impressive, it’s doubtful that the vehicle sustained major damage. Flames are not in the immediate vicinity of the tank’s most important componentsEngine compartment etc.

There are many signs that The tank could have been hit by a drone with an incendiary charge. We have received information from the front that the drones are capable of carrying payloads similar to the famous Moldovan cocktails that set fire to enemy armored vehicles.

The rest of the article is below the video

T-90M tank. What do you know about him?

T-90M tanks entered the equipment of the Russian army in 2020. It is the latest vehicle used by Russia on the front. The M version is roughly better 15-20 percent accuracy than the guns of the T-90 tanks. It can fire both standard missiles and 9M119 Refleks anti-tank missiles.

It also received reinforced armor with relic reactive modules, intended to provide protection against APFSDS anti-tank missiles. These blocks are located in front and on each side of the tower. T-90M It was also equipped with a remote controlled weapon station. This machine is equipped with V-92S2 diesel engine with 1000 HP power. The tank reaches maximum speed 60 km per hour

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