Fans Think Disney ‘Dropped the Ball’ on Bringing Back the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Theme at Magic Kingdom — Here’s Why

We’re less than a month away from the opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Disney World, and we can’t wait!

Tiana Bayou Adventure

Cast Members, Disney Vacation Club Members, and Annual Passholders will get early previews of the new ride throughout this month before the ride’s official opening on June 28. but, Disney has already released a full video of the new attraction, and a lot of Disney fans are not happy.

Disney “dropped the ball”

We’ve seen countless comments from AllEars readers and viewers who watched the trip video Who feel strongly that Disney “dropped the ball” on the attraction.


While this relates to multiple aspects of the journey, The comment we’ve seen the most is that fans are frustrated about not having Dr. Facilier on the ride, so there is no “Are you ready?” Part of the song “Friends On The Other Side” from the animated film. As Instagram user Blake put it, “Without the shadow guy, this trip really drops the ball.”

Many guests feel they are right Before the big drop was the perfect setting for this songAnd we can see where they come from! It’s a great song, and this particular part would be a great way to prepare for fall.


However, months ago, Disney has told its guests that the trip will take place a year after the events of… The Princess and the Frog film, Which means (spoiler alert) Dr. Facilier has already been pulled to the other side. It would be difficult to bring it back without this story taking over the entire journey.

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There is no conflict

However, this brings us to the next point, Which is that many fans pointed out that there is no story in the journey. Now, it’s very possible that the ride queue adds a lot to the story, and the actual ride is just ending, and very few people have experienced it yet.

Tiana Bayou Adventure

A few people have indicated that they feel like too much of the ride is bayou settings with very little actually happening, or that it’s just animated choreography. A big part of the reason they felt the story was lacking was because there was no villain or conflict! AllEars Sage often talks about the importance of conflict in storytelling, because often without it, there’s no story to tell. And he’s right – Most Good stories have some form of conflict. Instagram user Rob commented: “…even the scenes with the cool new animation are basically just scenes of animals playing musical instruments. There is no villain, no hero, and no tension.


We can admit that without Dr. Facilier, much of the conflict would have been removed, and… It seems like the only conflict Disney has added back is that Tiana needs help getting the last item for her Mardi Gras partybut these risks are not as dangerous as turning into a frog or being dragged to the other side.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will open June 28

However, again, It’s important not to fully judge the trip so we can experience the whole thingThis includes the waiting list!

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the reality of this “new” journey.

The last major point that we’ve seen a lot of people angry about is this It’s the same ride system as Splash Mountain rather than being a completely new ride.

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However, similar to the journey story, Disney has been clear from the beginning of construction that the ride system at Splash Mountain is not going away, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure was a redesign of the theme, not a demolition and rebuilding. “Oh look, it’s the same drop as Splash Mountain,” Instagram user Heath said.

Yes, that’s why it has the same old ride shape!

It’s okay to be disappointed that this wasn’t a brand new ride, but it wasn’t a secret that Disney was keeping. They’ve been very upfront about this from the beginning.


Once again, we’re reserving our judgment until we can experience the ride ourselves for the first time, which will be soon!

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