Explosions in Kherson. The Ukrainians hit an important bridgehead

According to Ukrainian media, explosions were heard this morning in Kherson. Ukraine fired six rockets toward the city, hitting the Antonov Bridge, Russian state media reported. The Ukrainian side did not confirm this information – “The Give Independent” posted on Twitter, citing Suspiln.

Images documenting the shelling and burning of the Antonov Bridge over the Dnieper appear on social media. It is one of the two crossings between Russian occupied territories along the left bank of Kherson Oblast.

Himars rocket artillery is wreaking havoc in the rear of the Russian army. Almost every day, the Ukrainian military reports successful attacks on weapons depots. The Russians are forced to organize their logistics far from the front line, which is a problem for the continuation of offensive operations.

As announced, the US will deliver four additional HIMARS systems to Ukraine. A new $400 million aid package includes 1,000. Cannon Missiles M982 Excalibur. In addition, there are unnamed “longer-range missiles than before”.

Experts speculate that it could be GMLRS missiles with extended range (up to 150 km), or MGM-140 ATACMS (up to 300 km).

It is precisely this second weapon that Ukrainians are particularly concerned about. Government officials in Kiev said they were in talks with the United States about their supply. These are missiles launched from MLRS and HIMARS missiles, comparable to Russian Sparks, which will radically change the situation on the battlefield. Ukraine War Map The Twitter account reporting the conflict has published a map of their range, including the current frontline.

Any target in the entire territory occupied by Russia is within the scope of ATACMS. It goes with other things about the famous Crimean bridge, which Ukrainians talk about loudly, and which is already sheltered by Russians who are worried about an attack..

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Source: Twitter, Onet

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