Explain the inspirations of House of the Dragon Dragon Brawl

Aemond Targaryen (Ewan Mitchell) in the House of the Dragon

The Pleaskin serpent glistens from Westeros at the end of the storm.
picture: Gary Moyes/HBO

House Targaryen might think they tamed them, but like The Dragon House Conclusion Show clearly, that the dragon will do what the dragon will do. It was a satisfying sight for Game of thrones fans who have been waiting years to see a proper dragon brawl, so the people behind the HBO franchise didn’t take any chances when planning it.

As explained by director Greg Yaitannis To Entertainment WeeklyAnd the Dragon House Show Ryan Kundal He had very specific and well-thought-out demands for the scene: “Make this Game of thrones The scenery… is based on everything the show has to offer.”

Yaitanes is also a co-executive producer of Dragon HouseAnd, of course, he was familiar with the HBO show that produced it. But he’s also made his network a little wider when it comes to visual inspiration. “In preparation, I watched the first How to train your dragon Because [Oscar-winning cinematographer] Roger Dickens was the visual consultant at that. So, cinematically speaking, it’s going to be a really catchy thing,” Yaetannis told EW, noting that he actually ended up making a mod Dragon House A scene to avoid existence very Similar to the beloved animated film. Also, this is less shocking, “I went back to the original Jurassic Park Because there was a sense of the size of the dinosaurs I don’t think any of the later movies were captured. [Steven Spielberg] He knew he wanted framing for height, and I took a lot of clues about what made dinosaurs look so big and interesting. So there are a lot of Jurassic Park At the end of the storm and in the air. “

Head over to Entertainment Weekly for more indoor dirt on the scene, including the fun fact that he was banned from using dragons before getting the CG treatment. Season 1 of Dragon House Now streaming on HBO Max.

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