Expensive first-party PS5 games that everyone should play are on sale

picture: Naughty Dog / Sonny

We get it, new generation games are expensive. At $70 a pop for PlayStation’s hottest first-party games packed with all the goodies you’d want in a PS5 game (like ray tracing, higher frame rates, lower load times), it’s understandable if you don’t have a wide selection yet. the The era of $70 toys has arrived. And it hurts — but some of the best first-party PlayStation games are currently on sale, if you’re looking to shell out the extra cash toward one or two of them. shout out to Ribbed to indicate this sweet sale.

A lot of the games currently on sale were PS5 launch titles such as Demon souls And The definitive version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles MoralesSo if you weren’t using the PS5 when it launched or without enough money to add to your library, you can make up for it now. So that’s there The Last of Us Part 1 It’s here (which only came out in September last year) if you’re currently watching HBO’s The last of us view f Want to see how it deviates from or sticks with Naughty Dog’s story.

Sony has many of these discounted games on the PlayStation Store too, so if you want to download and play a digital copy right away, head over there to check them out. Not all of them will be as cheap as the physical ones you can find at third-party retailers, however, be sure to compare the two to maximize your savings — after all, $10 is an oat milk iced latte with an extra shot (bonus tip). ) Where did you come from.

Here are the first-party PS5 games that are on sale right now

We’ll update this story accordingly if any of these sales change, or if any new games are added to the list. But for now, those nine games should keep you occupied for at least a few months.

It is not clear if any of Sony’s newer titles are like this God of War Ragnarok will be put up for sale.

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