European Parliament. Members’ Salaries and Dispute Procedures

“This A scandal whose arrival was clear to all. There were allegations of corruption and money laundering The Vice-President of the European Parliament was imprisoned (…) The details may not be predictable, but transparency activists have for years warned against too lenient regulations and too lax enforcement.

“If The European Parliament is under attackThe President said last Monday Robert Metzol, then it will be part of a fierce resistance to any attempt at change. Repeated MEPs rejected plans to shed more light on their work and ignored the non-enforcement of rules already in place. All the while, they enjoyed privileges that would put even a representative of the Borges family to shame.

He reminded that MEPs earn PLN 9.4 thousand. Total euros per month, but They can also work on the side. A quarter of MEPs do just that, according to Transparency International EU data from 2021.

One of the Italian MEPs – Sandra Cosey – There were 20 additional “fux”, earned at least 360 thousand euros per year. One of the MPs Radoslaw Sikorsky reported earning 40,000. Euros per month for unspecified consultations” – pointing to the portal.

This, as Transparency International emphasizes, is a straightforward way to address all kinds of conflicts of interest. For example, a Finnish socialist Myapetra cumbula-nadri“Holding paid positions on the Board of Directors Two energy companies in his countryWhile a member EP Committee on Industry, Research and Energy“.

In addition to their salary, MEPs receive a monthly travel allowance of €4,700. Euro and “An allowance to cover general expenses“EUR 4.8 thousand. This money will be used for office rent, internet connections and organization of meetings – But no one knows if that is the case Politics insists.

In October, the leadership of Parliament voted in favor Eliminates the requirement for MEPs to issue receipts for money spent. “This is not about relaxing the rules, it’s about improving transparency and accountability,” a parliamentary spokesperson said at the time.

MPs also resisted calls for reporting All meetings with outside lobbyists. It is only required for team leaders and reporters.

“Even if MPs are caught red-handed Nothing else will come. Parliament has a code of conduct that spells out what MEPs can and cannot do – but the MEPs’ enforcement committee fails to do so.

In the last term of the European Parliament from 2014 to 2019, 24 members violated the code of conduct. Violations ranged from failure to properly report foreign travel to misappropriation of parliamentary funds, but ultimately nothing was properly sanctioned.

The EP also discourages whistleblowing. In 2019, Parliament voted for EU-wide whistleblower protection standards, but refused to implement them in its own country. “If a parliamentary assistant reports misconduct, there is no guarantee that he will continue his job,” the Brussels portal explains. “In 2016, there were cases of three whistleblowers. All of them lost their jobs. Since then, only one person found the courage – in 2021 – to complain about irregularities” – he adds.

“So, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crewe He was right to tell reporters that the Belgian judiciary is doing what the European Parliament failed to do in relation to the corruption in Qatar.

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