European Parliament Elections. Viktor Orban straight: Remove EU leaders from power

Viktor Orbán spoke about the European Parliament elections in an interview with the French weekly “Le Point”. The Prime Minister of Italy appeared in the conversation Giorgio Melonias well as the leader of France’s far-right Marine Le Pen.

According to the head of the Hungarian government, cooperation between the two politicians is good for Europe. – If they can work together in a team or coalition, They will be a power for Europe – He assessed.

European elections. Orban is straightforward about his priorities

Viktor Orban was asked, among other things, about a possible joining of forces. Partly with Prime Minister Maloney’s party Group of European Conservatives and Reformers (ECR) The Polish Law and Justice Party also belongs to the European organization.

– This Still under consideration – he answered briefly. Fidesz – the group led by Orban, already More than three years does not belong to any political group in the European Parliament; In 2021 it left the European People’s Party.

Viktor Orban is the new head of NATO. Criticized by Mark Rutte

In “Le Point”, the Hungarian Prime Minister was also asked about his support for potential candidates for the presidency European Commission.

The leader of the Hungarian political scene insisted that Budapest was a priority Removing current EU leaders from power. However, he pointed out that it is too early to give specific names.

– On the one hand, he said that Hungary should leave the European Union, and on the other hand, we should bring our country to its knees. This is not the best wayTo get our support, Viktor Orban said.

proof’s: “Ley Point”, Reuters

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