European drug gang busted He can produce 5 tons of methamphetamine

A European methamphetamine cartel busted by the CBŚP and Polish border guards could produce up to 4.7 tons of the popular drug based on drugs containing pseudoephedrine and ephedrine. These agents were imported into our country to be processed into banned substances in foreign laboratories.

In Poland, eight out of 18 drug gang members were detained and around 3.3 million ephedrine and pseudoephedrine tablets were seized.

An international operation by the services of several countries led to the seizure of the so-called three tons. Drug precursors.

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Operations supported by Eurojust and Europol, in which participated: CBŚP, KaOSG, PZ Division of the National Prosecutor’s Office, as well as services and prosecutors’ offices of Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, made it possible to break the responsible criminal group. In order to process nearly a hundred deliveries of precursors containing 168 million tablets. About 4.7 tons of methamphetamine were recovered, with a black market value of over half a billion zlotys.

Seizures of pseudoephedrine tablets

Persons detained in Poland by prosecutors of the Silesian and Lower Silesian National Prosecutor’s Offices are convicted of participating in an organized criminal group, possessing drugs and assisting in the production of large quantities of drugs. 15 years in prison,” said the release of the services. Five people were arrested at the request of the prosecutor.

Medicines instead of drugs. A Romanian pharmaceutical company helped

The gang has been operating in several European countries for two years, including Poland and its neighbors the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Romania. The group handled the importation of ephedrine tablets from the latter country to our region and the Czech Republic. Then foreign labs processed them into methamphetamine.

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“Findings of the investigation show that a private company operating legally in Romania produced drugs containing the drug precursors ephedrine and pseudoephedrine and used them for criminal practice,” police said. Their distribution was carried out as pharmaceutical products, one of which was registered as a drug. They can only trade in Romania.

However, the Romanian company is not allowed to manufacture and sell the second product at home or in EU countries. Tablets manufactured in this way were officially purchased without marketing authorization by companies in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Spain. However, they never reached the declared destination, but went to various places in Poland, from where they were further distributed.

Illegal goods protected by Polish services


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