Europe lags behind in photovoltaics. There are tons of panels in warehouses

As a recent Rystad Energy report notes A total of 40 gigawatts of solar panels are stored in warehouses across the European Union..

That’s the same amount already established across the entire 27-nation system by 2022. If installed, Europe would save seven billion cubic meters of natural gas.

In addition The number of stored panels is growing rapidly. Rystad Energy predicts that the total capacity of stored panels will reach 100 GW by the end of the year. This is equivalent to 15 billion cubic meters of gas. Researchers say this is evidence of bottlenecks and barriers limiting the rate at which solar panels are installed in the EU.

“European countries need to expand training programs for solar installers, remove grid bottlenecks and streamline bureaucratic processes to get solar panels out of warehouses and onto rooftops faster,” said Tara Connolly of Beyond Fossil Fuels. “This should be a top priority for governments across Europe Trying to cut emissions and quickly decarbonize Europe.

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The European Union plans to be carbon neutral by the middle of this century. The process of diversifying energy sources and moving away from fossil fuels accelerated after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Before the invasion, Moscow provided 40 percent. EU natural gas imports, as well as a quarter and 70 percent of oil imports. Coal supply.

Reliance on Russia has prompted the European Union to double its target for renewables by 2030. The new plan calls for a 42.5% share, with member states urged to cut red tape for such plans.

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