Eugenia Carlson, a Russian woman in Sweden, insults a young Ukrainian woman. Video

Ukrainians living in Sweden Helka Gajda She noticed near the Russian embassy A woman destroys the Ukrainian flag.

“I stopped and started taking photos. Then she came to me and called the names. I turned on the camera on my phone and asked why she was doing it” – we read in the complaint posted on the Ukrainian woman’s Facebook.

The Russian-speaking woman says in the post, among other things:

Ukrainian symbols? Fascist, I think. You dirty, smelly fascists. Why are you registering me? Stupid, I’m 70 years old, you’re registering me – that girl was nervous.

– You’re ugly like a monkey. You will be miserable, poor and ugly for the rest of your life. You have cheap sneakers and pants for 150 crowns. I have a coat for 25 thousand. Crowns, a scarf and a handbag – the Russian was counting.

The woman called the Ukrainian woman “rag” and asked if she was a prostitute.

– Oh, you usually sweep the floor, you come to sweep the floor in my summer house. He said Ukrainian women were prostitutes or they were sweeping the floor.

Said the activist Haryana Jig A woman from the International Center for Direct Initiatives for Ukraine, as well as the newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” Eugenia Carlson And a Russian teacher.

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“Why are people like this woman allowed to live in Europe with the values ​​they promote?” Helka asks.

He reported the matter to the police.

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