EU Council approves joint procurement of ammunition for Ukraine

The EU’s collective procurement for Ukraine will take place under the European Peace Fund. A total of €1 billion worth of ammunition will be procured from the European Defense Ministry.

“Today’s decision is another important step towards providing more ammunition to Ukraine. The Ukrainian Armed Forces need a significant amount of ammunition to defend the nation and its territory. They need it quickly. In addition to the previous decision to immediately provide ammunition from existing stockpiles, we are allocating EUR 2 billion, the total EU military budget for Ukraine. We make the support EUR 5.6 billion,” the head of EU diplomacy, Jozef Borrell, was quoted by portal.

Defense capabilities of Ukraine

In a post on the Twitter social network, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, commented on the approval of the Council of the European Union for the joint purchase of ammunition worth 1 billion euros.

“I welcome the long-awaited approval by the Council of the European Union for the second tranche of €1 billion for the collective procurement of ammunition for Ukraine. This step Strengthening Ukraine’s long-term defense capabilities Its resilience to defeat Russian aggression,” said the Ukrainian politician.


EU assistance

Earlier, EU member states agreed to a plan to supply Ukraine with one million artillery shells over the next year, and joined forces to buy more by drawing on their own reserves.

The plan, approved by EU foreign and defense ministers, is based on EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell’s proposal to spend €1 billion on stockpile missiles and €1 billion on joint procurement of munitions through the European Defense Agency.

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