England. Sophie, from Poland, spent two days in a car with the bodies of her friends

Sophie, 20, from Poland, was locked in her car for two days with the bodies of her friends.

20-year-old Sophie survives a tragic car accident in which three of her friends die. A Polish woman was trapped in a car wreck and spent dozens of hours waiting to be rescued. Her mother says the girl was “unrecognizable” after the accident.

The tragic incident took place on the night of March 3-4. 20-year-old Sophie, whose mother is Polish, played Cardiff With her friends – 21 years old Eve And Darcy.

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According to British media, while playing at the club, the girls met two older men with whom they wanted to go to the beach. However, they never reached their destination.

England. Teenagers crash near Cardiff

District is the last place of youth Llanedairn In Cardiff. After that, there was no trace of them. Their relatives became very worried about the lack of contact and eventually filed a missing person’s report with the police.

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After 48 hours, the services made a gruesome discovery. A car is wrecked in the forest a few meters from the highway. Police found three bodies. Two others have been hospitalized in critical condition.

What happened that fateful night is still unknown. We do know that Sophie and a 32-year-old man survived the crash Shane Laughlin. This meant they both experienced unspeakable terror. They spent several dozen hours, trapped in the car with the corpses of others.

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Anna: My daughter is not recognized

In an interview with The Sun, Sophie’s mother spoke about her daughter’s misfortune. Sophie is still in hospital. There is a dangerous situation. The woman suffered spinal fractures and skull fractures.

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Sophie had no idea where she was or what had happened, her mother told The Sun.

– After arriving at the hospital, she had panic attacks throughout the night. She was in shock and had multiple injuries. It is unrecognizable,” said Mrs. Anna.

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She said there are no words to describe it. She insists her daughter will need serious psychological help to deal with the dramatic memories.

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