England. Ministers quit Boris Johnson’s government

British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid have resigned from Boris Johnson’s government. “It’s been a great privilege to serve in this role, but I want to continue with a clear conscience,” Javid said. Conservative Party Deputy Leader Bim Afolami and three secretaries in the British Parliament resigned.

He announced his resignation from his first post Health Minister Sajid Javid. He announced that he had warned the Prime Minister Boris Johnson About his resignation from the post of Minister of Health and Social Welfare. “It’s been a great privilege to serve in this role, but I want to continue with a clear conscience,” Javid said.

“The tone you set as leader and the values ​​you represent are a reflection of your peers, your party and ultimately your country. Conservatives are best seen as driven by strong values ​​and as good decision-makers. We may not always be popular, but we are good at acting in the national interest. Unfortunately, in the current climate, we are Now the public decides that it is neither one nor the other,” Javid wrote in a letter to Johnson.

According to the BBC, citing government sources, Steve Barclay is set to replace Javitt in the post. Education Minister Nadim Zahavi was elected to replace Sunak. Zahavi will be replaced by Michelle Donnellan.

Within minutes, he announced his resignation Finance Minister Rishi Sunak.

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid JavidNeil Hall / PAP / EPA

“The public rightly expects government to be conducted in an orderly, efficient and vigorous manner,” Sunak wrote, announcing his departure. “I know this may be my last job in the ministry, but I believe these standards are worth fighting for, and that’s why I’m resigning,” he added.

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He also resigned from his job Bim Afolami, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party – BBC reported. They then announced their resignation from the British Parliament Sakib Bhatti Secretary And Affairs Secretary Ireland North Jonathan Cullis. Transport Secretary Nicola Richards has died And Virginia Crosby, Parliamentary Adviser to the Secretary of State Wales.

Johnson sent letters to former ministers

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sent a letter to Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid. In his letters, Johnson said he “regrets their resignations.”

Johnson thanked him for his resignation letter. “I’m sorry I got it,” he added. He was praised for his work as health minister during the pandemic COVID-19. “We miss you so much,” he wrote.

Boris JohnsonPAP / EPA / Neil Hall

A moral corruption in the Conservative Party

Both resignations came minutes after Johnson gave an interview in which he admitted he should not have appointed Chris Fincher MP as a deputy in February, following long-running reports of sexual harassment against men.

The case began on June 30 when Pincher was found sexually assaulting two men while drunk at a club in London. Pincher resigned and Johnson closed the case.

It wasn’t closed because it turned out that it wasn’t an incident, but Pincher has a long history of this kind of behavior, and rumors about them have been circulating for years. As a result, questions have been raised about whether Johnson was aware of Fincher when he appointed him as deputy foreign secretary in 2019 and deputy whip in February this year. The situation was worsened by the unreliable and untruthful explanations given by the Prime Minister’s spokesperson, as indicated by everything. At first Johnson said he didn’t know about it, then he said he didn’t know about the allegations and only heard rumors, and finally he was briefed on the allegations.

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Sunak and Javid, the second and third members of Johnson’s government, resigned in late 2021 after the Downing Street drinking scandal erupted during the Covid restrictions. In June, its leader Oliver Dowden resigned after the Conservatives suffered a disastrous defeat in two by-elections. However, Tuesday’s resignations, particularly Sunak’s, have the potential to be incomparably larger and mean Johnson cannot recover from current problems. Johnson took over as leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister in the second half of July 2019.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / Neil Hall

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