England. Heat wave. The prediction for 2050 will be fulfilled in 2022

According to the British Met Office, temperatures in the UK will reach 40 degrees early next week. The forecast values ​​are as alarming as the forecast for 2050.

The British Isles haven’t let up in the heat. A red alert was issued on Friday for the first time in the country’s history due to heatAnd medical services have had their hands full for days. However, there are all indications that the heat wave will worsen.

Forecast to 2050

Dr Simon Lee of Columbia University in New York noted on Friday, published by the Met Office Weather forecast For the British Isles on Tuesday, it was disturbingly similar to the simulated forecast for July 23, 2050. It was created taking into account the climate changes predicted to affect Great Britain, and its aim was to take into account the scale and speed of the problem.

The greatest similarities between the two forecasts are seen in the region of central and southern England. On Tuesday, temperatures around London are expected to reach 40 degrees Celsius, and in Hull – 38 degrees C. This will break the current temperature record for the British Isles in 2019, which is 38.7 degrees. C.

Concerns about health effects

UK Health Secretary Steve Barclay explained on Saturday that the UK is preparing for the coming extreme heat wave. The politician asked Britons to take precautions, including rehydration and avoiding the sun.

“We are asking people to be careful about their neighbors and especially vulnerable people, but we are also introducing emergency support,” Barclay stressed. – We will do everything we can to mitigate the impact of the extreme heat wave.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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