England. Elections to the House of Commons. Survey results

Thursday UK election It ended in defeat for the Conservatives – according to the poll. All indications are that the opposition Labor Party defeated the Conservatives and made huge gains.

Labor Party achieved 410 seats in the 650-seat House of Commons while in power Conservative Party She received 131 Placements – As per exit polls.

They could have registered a third result Liberal Democrats (61 seats), and off the platform were: the right-wing populist Reform UK (13 seats), the Scottish National Party (10 seats), the centre-left Blight Cymru (4 seats) and the Green Party (2 seats). As expected, representatives from other parties won a total of 19 seats.

UK election. The poll results are out

An absolute majority for Labor will elect its leader on Friday Keir Starmer will be received in audience by King Charles III, who will entrust him with the task of forming a new government. Labor has been in opposition since losing the May 2010 election. In the previous elections, in December 2019, they won 202 seats.

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On the other hand Rishi Sunak Buckingham will travel to Buckingham Palace to formally tender his resignation as Prime Minister to Charles III. He is expected to announce his resignation as leader of the Conservative Party soon – possibly as early as Friday. However, he seems to have managed to secure a parliamentary mandate, despite some predictions that he would become the first non-parliamentary prime minister in the next election.

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The Conservative Party has equaled its worst result in history. However, the polls before the last election were not as bad as predicted. However The Conservatives lost nearly two-thirds of the seats they previously held. In the previous elections, in December 2019, they won 365 seats, although at the end of the House of Commons term their parliamentary group was 344. So far, their worst election in terms of number of seats won was in 1906 when they won 131 out of 670 seats.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister headed the decision Brexit advocate Nigel Farage Farage is also going to be an MP for the right-wing populist Reform UK Party. In the previous term of the House of Commons, the body had only one representative, who was elected as a member of the Conservative Party, but changed his party affiliation in March.

UK election. Voting is over

More than 100,000 people were eligible to vote 46 million citizens. You can vote anywhere in Britain 40 thousand polling boothswhich closed on the 22nd (11pm in Poland).

A referendum must decide 650 members of the House of Commons. 4,515 candidates contested for the seats, which is the highest number in history, of which 459 are contesting as independent candidates and the rest represent 98 political parties, which is also a record. Elections are based on a majority system with single-member constituencies, meaning that the candidate who receives the most votes from each of the 650 districts is elected.

Pre-election polls had already indicated that Thursday’s election result would end the Conservatives’ 14-year rule and return to power under the leadership of the Labor Party. Keir Starmer. And a large, even record-breaking advantage was expected for Labour.

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The newly elected House of Commons will convene on Tuesday, July 9 – on which day a Speaker will be elected, who will of course be Lindsey Hoyle, and the parliamentary oaths will begin, which will last several days. The inauguration of the new parliamentary session is scheduled for July 17 with the King’s Throne Speech. King Charles III They will present the government bill.

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