England: A tourist wanted to take a picture of a royal guard. “Don’t touch,” she asked.

A tourist tries to take a picture with a Royal Guardsman outside Buckingham Palace in London. As the woman gently touched the soldier on duty, he screamed in her face. The video became a hit on the internet.

A royal guard at Buckingham Palace threatened a tourist when he tried to take a picture with him, The New York Post wrote.

The video has been viewed more than 25 million times on TikTok. The video shows a woman standing next to an armed policeman and smiling for a photo. An unsuspecting tourist gently touches a soldier. Raising his saber, he shouted straight into her face: “Don’t touch the royal guard!”.

The woman appears to be terrified, but as the New York Post notes, commenters on the video don’t have much sympathy for her. They insist over and over again that the cop is simply “doing his job.”

Strict rules of state guards

The Royal Guard has to follow strict rules. Soldiers are not allowed to talk or smile while on duty, but can warn tourists who break the rules. One of which is not to touch a Kingsguard guard.

“If this happens, they may shout warnings. Soldiers may even brandish their bayonets if someone starts behaving aggressively,” writes a travel blog.

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The New York Post recalled a similar incident in February. The tourist, wanting to take a picture of himself, grabbed the bridle of the royal horse. Then the guard sitting on him said, “Get out!” The woman recoiled in horror, but did not give up her intention. Then the soldier shouted at her even louder.

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