Emma D’Arcy says Season 2 of House of the Dragon was kind of lonely

After building the relationships of its characters in the first season, the second season of HBO Dragon House We’ll see its threads fly across Westeros – much to the disappointment of its close-knit crew.

Season two of game of thrones The prequel will continue to chronicle the Targaryen civil war, as Rhaenyra (Emma Darcy), Prince Damon (Matt Smith) and their forces face off at Dragonstone against Alicent (Olivia Cooke) and her children to claim the Iron Throne. But that means the stars were more often filming their individual stories this year, rather than group scenes together.

At the series’ New York premiere on Monday, D’Arcy admitted that filming without Smith and Cooke was “kind of lonely” but noted that “there’s a lot of beautiful actors on the show, it’s an ever-changing thing. Certainly, I think that will make for more active viewership.” Exciting because there are many parts of the series that I haven’t had a chance to watch yet so I can watch these other narrative threads as a sort of pure fan.

Of missing their co-stars, they added, “It really makes you know what you’re missing, I think — every time we start working [together]It’s a great franchise that’s very interesting and exciting and feeds something because it feels kind of old. A lot of us who did the first series, well for me, fell in love with them – with Matt, with Liv, with other members of the cast – so anytime you feel happy, it’s a treat. But the shows have to go on, I think that’s what keeps them exciting, and there are different gravitational forces this season [Rhaenyra]”.

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With Daemon leaving Dragonstone to go fight, it also meant fewer scenes between D’Arcy and Smith, as Smith echoed, “It was a shame, I missed them so bad because I like to be around them; “I’ve been missing them so much because I love being around them.” Not only are they great actors, they are great people to get to work with every day. So I missed them, but that’s what the story required. Daemon is going his own way trying to figure things out, going head first into the dark pit of his own consciousness, into the abyss, and I think Rhaenyra feels a great sense of betrayal.

On the other side of the battle, Cook was also missing star Paddy Considine, who played King Viserys to her queen in season one, and whose death sparked the war.

“It was weird, man,” Cook said. Hollywood Reporter To do the show without him. “Paddy’s such a great presence and a great actor, and he really brought this gravitas to Red Keep, and we kind of missed him walking around the set, doing his Alan Partridge impression and using his cane as a cane, twirling it around. . . We’ve kind of missed him so much, so much.”

At the event, Cook and Darcey also talked about their lives Negroni Spagliato Mimi It went viral when promoting the first season of the show, as Cook admitted, “It was weird,” saying, “It was the most innocuous thing ever too, like we were just trying to make each other laugh, and we said a lot of shit in That day was the one who commented. Darcey added: “I’ve always found it difficult to talk about because it felt like something that happened to someone else… I’m not a social media expert, like I’m not in her world very much, so I don’t know. It was like a strange mirage in my life for a while.

Dragon House Premiering June 16 on Max.

Neha Joy contributed to this report.

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