Elizabeth Chambers watched House of Hammer after Armie Hammer’s divorce

Elizabeth Chambers emphasized in New interview with E! She watched the Discovery + documentary series.hammer housewhich listed allegations of sexual abuse against her ex-husband, ARMY HUMMER. “It was heartbreaking on so many levels” to watch “House of Hammer,” said Chambers, who has been married to Hammer for 10 years and shares two children.

“I didn’t plan to see her, but I drove the kids to school one day and came home and watched her with the support system all around me,” Chambers said. “Obviously it was heartbreaking on so many levels and so painful. But it’s there at the same time. The past is the past and all we can do is take this moment to learn and listen, and hopefully heal and heal in every capacity.”

When asked if she was surprised by anything she saw in the documentary, Chambers replied, “I was certainly surprised, but I think that’s to be expected.”

Chambers said she would not offer her two children House of Hammer, adding, “It’s not right for them at the moment.”

The three-part documentary series, “House of Hammer,” appeared on Discovery+ over Labor Day weekend. Series It included details about Hammer’s alleged sexual abuse, in addition to the claim that Hammer tracked a woman with his phone and referred to another as a “slave.” The purported text messages from Hammer claimed he once told a woman that he was enjoying “raping you on the floor”, while an audio note allegedly shows Hammer telling a woman he wanted to tie her up with ropes and “hamper” her.

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Chambers confirmed that the “House of Hammer” team contacted her to participate in the project, but she declined the offer.

“They communicated, but in the process, all that matters and what matters is the children and our family, and that was not something that was in line with my goals for them,” Chambers added.

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