Elden Ring: Online maintenance announcement for all platforms

FromSoftware has announced that online maintenance will be carried out for the PlayStation, Xbox and PC versions of Elden Ring over the next two days.

As revealed by the Elden Ring Twitter account, maintenance will be conducted throughout the day and tomorrow, depending on your time zone. Times will vary by platform.

For those using PlayStation consoles, servers will be down for maintenance between 6 PM and 7 PM PT today, February 28. For most other regions, this means servers will be down on March 1, between 2am and 3am in the UK, 3am to 4am in Central European regions, and 1pm to 2pm in Australia AEST.

On Xbox, the maintenance period will begin today at 7 PM PT and last for one hour. Other regions will test maintenance on March 1st; 3am UK, 4am CET, 2pm AST.

Finally, PC maintenance will see Elden Ring’s Steam stop working for an hour, starting at 8 PM PT today. In other areas, that often means maintenance is done on March 1st; 4am UK, 5am CET, 3pm AST.

Elden Ring was huge on Steam, and it’s still getting bigger. And thanks to the fact that it runs on Steam Deck, it can be played pretty much anywhere. However, there are performance issues, and Bandai Namco has apologized. Despite this, it is still one of the best reviewed games in recent history.

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Matt Purslow is a news and entertainment writer for IGN UK.

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