EA Sports details Boom Tech, the big gameplay feature debuting in Madden NFL 25

The sports cover for Madden NFL 25 was revealed earlier this week, and today EA provided new details on what fans can expect from this year’s Madden, including Boom Tech, this year’s big feature.

In a press release, EA revealed that Boom Tech is a new tackling system “based on dynamic physics” and the latest iteration of Maddens FieldSense technology that “unlocks a redesigned batting stick” and should provide better ball carrier control. With Christian McCaffrey as the cover athlete of the year, Boom Tech’s description falls in line with EA’s theme of trying to choose cover athletes who best fit with new releases coming to Madden in a given year.

Additional upgrades to FieldSense are needed, thanks to Boom Tech, to “deliver more authenticity” on offense, defense and special teams. This includes the reloaded hitstick which will now be a skill-based mechanic, with gameplay ratings impacting the hitstick’s effect.

To increase offensive immersion, EA notes that Ball Carrier will introduce new hit, spin, and hissy versions. New NFL kickoff rules will be added when the game is released next August. In addition to new branching hunting tools, there will be new strategic pass-blocking mechanics.

“Growing with the Madden NFL experience alongside our players has been incredibly rewarding over the past two years, and we’re excited to deliver more of the control, depth, and immersion they’re looking for in Madden NFL 25,” Madden NFL senior production manager Mike Maher wrote in a statement. Journalist. “Boom Tech has been several years in development and represents the most impactful FieldSense improvement to date. Combined with a new audio and visual experience across the game, combined with in-depth modes and increased customization, Madden NFL 25 will look, feel and sound different.”

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Madden NFL 25 will be released on August 16 and is now available for pre-order. Those who purchase the $100 Deluxe Edition will get access to Madden NFL 25 three days earlier. Those who plan to purchase Madden NFL 25 and College Football 25 can also purchase the MVP Bundle, which retails for $150 and includes the deluxe editions of both games.

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