EA and Square Enix get stuck in leap year hype

For those too young to remember,… The problem of the year 2000, also known as the Y2K scare, was a brief and glorious period of chaos enjoyed in the late 1990s when fears of a catastrophic computing apocalypse were rampant, and predictions of total collapse due to differences in dating systems were rampant. We have to relive some of that magic today, as publishers EA and Square Enix fell foul of an extra day in February, rendering games from both temporarily inoperable.

Fans of EA's Sports WRC were unable to play the game on the 29th due to a time zone issue, which was quickly corrected but required players to adjust their system settings forward by a day for it to work. Meanwhile, Square Enix is ​​fully occupied, although the issue only seems to affect players on Nintendo and not PlayStation; The price of launching Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was not running the Theatrythm Final Bar Line, apparently.

These issues appear to have already been resolved from what we can see, but it shows how little things can surprise you when you least expect them. Have you had any scheduling conflicts related to leap year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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