Dungeons & Dragons opens to $72 million worldwide box office – Deadline

Update to the latest…: Comes in higher than, Paramount/eOne’s expected Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves took over $71.5 million global arc this weekend; It includes 33 million dollars of 60 overseas markets which is well above the $25M+ projected prior to Framework.

Premium markets included United kingdom (where eOne distributes) ranked first with $4.3 million; Mexico And Australia $2.4 million apiece; And Italy And SpainNo. 1 kicks off with $1.3 million and $1.1 million, respectively. It should also be noted, Germany Its total earnings amounted to $ 2 million, in third place and Korea It entered the game with a $1.4 million start in second place.

in Korea, D&D It surpassed Japanese animation Suzume. similarly, China It was led by that pic that is on its second there. As we warned going into the weekend, there was little reason to be overly dependent on China D&D which nonetheless holds a 9.2 score from the masses on Maoyan. It totaled $5 million this weekend. As we have noticed, there is a problem in China with Hollywood films recently. Unless the words “James Cameron” came above the title, it seems. Titanic It’s being released on the 25th anniversary of its re-release as of Monday, driving play local time.

leave that aside, D&D He has some breathing room heading into the Easter weekend as an option for an older crowd Super Mario on deck.

Paramount certainly promoted it D&D to the fullest with talent in Italy, the UK and Brazil already in 2022. The latest tour included stops in Berlin, Paris, London and Mexico City. International brand partnerships have included Carl’s Jr in Australia and Chile as well as Burger King in Taiwan and Spain, Monteroza in Japan, Bobble Bobble in Italy, and Call a Pizza in Germany. UK specialty Craft Brewery Mondo created a limited edition lager called “Hither Thither” which was sold via both specialty retail and online channels. La Botanera Hot Sauce was energized in Mexico with 4.2M themed packaging, promoted via TV, radio and digital billboards in major cities as well as print and digital signage in over 500 supermarkets totaling 65M total impressions.

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Note that France, Brazil and the Middle East will come in during the month of April – hopefully buoyed by the inflated results.

In IMAX, the worldwide figure was $5.7 million including $2 million from overseas.

Meanwhile, holding on tight from last week, John Wick: Chapter 4 He achieved what he could $35 million of 75 markets in the second frame. to raise from boa to $122 million to $245 million all over the world.


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