Duda on possible outbreak of World War III: “I’m not saying this to scare anyone.” OSCE sessions are ongoing World news

On Thursday and Friday (December 1 and 2), diplomatic leaders and high-level representatives from 57 countries from Canada and America Participating in the meeting of the Ministerial Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Łódź to Russia via European countries. The Russian leader did not attend the meeting M.F.A Sergey LavrovPoland refused to issue a visa. The subject of the meeting was security challenges in Europe. The President attended the full session of the Council of Ministers Andrzej DudaHe insisted that Russia, by attacking Ukraine, had broken all the rules.

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Andrzej Duda appeals for peace and promises: “We await the findings of our investigators”

Andrzej Duda during the OSCE session: Recognizing Russian achievements is a straight path to World War III

President Andrzej Duda recalled that since 2014 the OSCE has taken several initiatives to prevent Russia’s progressive aggression against Ukraine. As he emphasized, the Russians limited the activities of the organization’s work in Ukraine. – Minutes before the start of a full-scale invasion, the Russian Federation decided to challenge the consensus on the extension of the mission’s mandate, resulting in its closure. Today, without any doubt, from the beginning, the Russian intentions in this matter were not sincere, they were only a smokescreen for preparations for the full-scale armed invasion that we see today,” the President noted.

Andrzej Duda Called Russia a criminal state whose policies were unacceptable. “The international community cannot accept Russian violence in Ukraine,” he said. – The systematic killing of civilians or the kidnapping of Ukrainian children, who are then transported deep into Russia, cannot be ignored. The President emphasized that no country in the world can allow population policy to be conducted in this manner.

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President Andrzej Duda also said that recognizing Russian victories in Ukraine would lead to World War III. – Recognizing Russian gains at the expense of Ukraine is a direct path to a new, major conflict, including world war. I don’t say this to scare anyone, but the President insisted that a serious approach to Europe’s security should take into account all options.

Andrzej Duda noted that peace talks should be held with the consent of the Ukrainian authorities. – Only Ukrainians have the right to decide on the future of their country – the president also stressed that in the 21st century criminal aggression, violations of humanitarian law and deliberate attacks on civilian infrastructure and the environment cannot be approved. .

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Recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. “Bran protested”

Load. The OSCE Ministerial Council is ongoing. “This year has been tough.”

The Council of Ministers is the main decision-making and governing body of the OSCE. During the plenary session, the Chairman of the OSCE, in this case Minister Zbigniew Rau, and representatives of the organization will present a report on the annual work of the OSCE. Afterwards, representatives from each country will present individual capitals’ positions on the most important events in the OSCE area.

The Council of Ministers is also an opportunity for bilateral meetings at ministerial level. Accompanying events are also organized – this year they are dedicated to the fight against human trafficking and climate change in the highlands. In Łódź, Poland will symbolically hand over the presidency to North Macedonia, which will lead the organization’s work in 2023.

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Ursula van der LeyenThe failure of Ursula van der Leyen. The European Commission explains

The OSCE unites 57 states. The organization traces its origins to the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe held in Helsinki in 1975. The formal decision to transform the CSCE into the OSCE was taken at the Budapest Conference in 1994.

Since January, the work of the OSCE under the annual presidency has been led by Poland. The head of the Ministry of External Affairs and the head of the organization said Zbigniew Rao, the most difficult year in the history of this international organization. – This year was very difficult because it was not possible to reach a consensus among the participating countries. Poland’s foreign minister said that we did not get a consensus by aggressing against one of these countries, Russia – Ukraine, and at the same time decided to freeze a significant, important part of the organization’s activities. Therefore, as Rao explained, the most important topic of the Łódź summit was the discussion of the reaction to the war in Ukraine and the future of the OSCE in its current form.

Russia uses consensus policy within the organization and blocks major decisions. Nevertheless, on Poland’s initiative, the OSCE took alternative measures. Ukraine Investigate war crimes there and human rights abuses in Russia.

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