Drop the top 25 AP rankings to enter Week 11

LSU grabbed Alabama in overtime in a two-point conversion to make a difference in the College Football Playoff race as Georgia cruised into its biggest home game in the program’s history, Hit the top-ranked Tennessee To highlight the top 25 action on Saturday. Combined with Clemson’s loss at Notre Dame, there is a certain movement coming in the AP’s 11th week ratings on Sunday and the following poll for this week and our latest forecasts reflect how we think analysts will vote.

TCU continued its unbeaten streak with a victory over Texas Tech, while Oregon won its eighth straight game. Hugh Freeze and Liberty upsets Arkansas in a game Which will have the effects of the national ranking.

The Flames were ranked 23rd in the country before the weekend and could tackle the top 20 with a 21-19 win. Post-match attention surrounded Freeze and Auburn as a vacant coach, tying the two together after the former Ole Miss coach improved to 8-1 this season. This was Liberty’s first win in program history over a school from SEC.

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Here’s a look at our predictions for the Week 11 AP Rankings of the Top 25 after a crazy November opening weekend:

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