Dragon's Dogma 2 launches to 'mostly negative' review after microtransactions reveal

What you need to know

  • With the launch of Dragon's Dogma 2 on PC Thursday evening, a previously hidden set of microtransactions has become available for purchase.
  • Things you can buy for the ARPG single player include fast travel points, Rift Crystals to hire pawns and purchase special items, consumables to change appearance and revive, a special camping kit that weighs less than regular ones, and a few other things.
  • In response to microtransactions, Dragon's Dogma 2 has been reviewed, with the game currently sitting at “Mostly Negative” on Steam.

As I write this, Capcom's new ARPG Dragon's Dogma 2 is now officially playable on PC through Steam, and the game is scheduled to go live on Xbox and PlayStation consoles in a few hours. What was supposed to be an exciting and celebratory launch for a sequel that fans had been waiting for for over a decade, was marred by controversy.

When the game became available, a previously hidden set of microtransaction purchases also appeared. This includes everything from Rift Crystals used to recruit other players' pawns to Art of Metamorphosis tomes required to change your character's appearance, as well as Wakestone revival items, Portcrystal fast travel points, single-use keys for escaping prison dungeons, and incense to free a pawn's tilt (which, by the way, gets Your pawn is random), enchant monsters, and even special camping equipment that weighs less than regular equipment. They are all visible on Dragon's Dogma 2 DLC page.

The price of these microtransactions ranges from $1 to $5, and while some appear to be purchasable only in limited quantities, others appear to be purchasable indefinitely. And when you consider that Dragon's Dogma 2 is a $70 single-player RPG, it's no surprise that players…Not happyTo put it mildly. on steamit has already dropped to a “mostly negative” rating, with only 34% of positive reviews.

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You can purchase special camping supplies that weigh less than what you can find in-game, making inventory management less difficult. (Image credit: Windows Central)

“Then, after pre-purchasing the Deluxe Edition, I went to install it today and saw an entire page dedicated to its microtransactions in the store,” books Superius player. “How do you have the audacity to make any kind of small transaction in a SINGLE PLAYER game that is already at full price. It is very strange to me.” Almighty Makes the same pointrather succinctly: “A great game that was shut down because of despicable microtransactions.”

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