Draft signatures: Sailors, White Sox, Reds, Orioles

Below is today’s report for the top 39 (first round, supplementary round, first round competitive balance) drafters who signed their first professional contracts. For more references, here’s the full list of what I recommend slot pricesand you can click on the links for a full rough draft of the Scout Rankings and Reports from America baseballAnd the FengrafAnd the MLB . pipelineAnd the Keith’s Mathematical LawAnd the ESPN’s Kelly McDaniel.

  • The sailors They signed their picks from the first three rounds, according to MLB.com’s Daniel Kramer (Twitter link). This selection includes the twenty-first year Cole Young, who received a bonus of $3.3 million which is slightly higher than the slot price of $3,292,900. The high school quiz was a unanimous choice in the 12-20 range by raters, and is considered to have a high stakes as an all-around talent and a well-established future major, although there is some question as to whether he has the skill set to be a regular starter.
  • The white socks agreed agreement with the left Noah SchultzAccording to Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline. (Sox officially announced Schultz’s signing later in the day.) Schultz’s $2.8 million bounty is also higher than the $2,789,400 earmarked for General Pick #26. Born in Naperville, Illinois, Schultz is already 6’9″ at age 18, possesses a plus slider and a funky low-slot delivery. McDaniel was the highest among critics in Schultz’s potential, ranking 34th in Southern Bow in the recruiting category.
  • The reds agreed to sign Sal Stewart for 2097,500 dollarsCallis reports. That’s lower than the $2,373,000 slot price associated with the 32nd overall pick, which could reflect slight access by the Reds – BA was Stewart’s highest with an overall ranking of 58, and Law Stewart was 59. However, McDaniel believed Stewart had It could be a tough sign due to his commitment to Vanderbilt, but the third baseman in high school will instead ditch college for the minor leagues.
  • The Orioles about signature Dylan PeversPublic Choice 33. Nathan Ruiz of Baltimore Ruiz (Twitter link) reports that the Beavers received a $2.2 million bounty, providing O with some savings under the $2,315,100 slot price. Pipeline ranked Cal’s player 22nd in their rankings, writing that “when the Beavers are locked up, they’re a proverbial pentathlete,” although the Beavers had some trouble keeping steady.
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