Dr. Rafas Breski: PiS vs. Rockefeller's ghost

Zygfryd Czaban, a popular analyst on the X website, discusses an interesting topic: “Why Tusk is supported not only by Germany, but…” Czaban presents the thesis that Poland has grown too much under the rule of the United Right. So the main players in the European theater, the US, Russia and Germany, concluded that “the permanent elimination of PiS is necessary”.

Czaban argues that proper control of the autumn elections is not enough, according to the treaty powers, and now “PiS should be eliminated from the National Bank of Poland, the media, the prosecutor's office and the World Bank.” The BIS must be so weak that it can never win the elections, otherwise the elections will have to be rigged. This option is sometimes used when necessary, but it carries the risk of great embarrassment, so the superpowers “don't want to do it.”

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A certain event years ago

Saban's reflections reminded me of an event several years ago, specifically the first week of October 1981. I had moved to America from Poland, where the NSZZ “Solidarność” was fighting the Polish United Workers' Party, and it was becoming concrete, and the entry of the military into the game was becoming more and more real. In faraway New York, “Solidarity” and news from Poland were on the front pages of newspapers every day and opened television news programs. Quick
I devoured the pile of “alternative press” gathered for my visit, publications such as pamphlets, newspapers, dailies, and pamphlets whose publishers and editors, from Maoists on the left to neofascists on the right, were “looking for something in solidarity.” That would fit their ideas. A dozen or so days later, I was called to a meeting of the “Residents' Council” in the Manhattan skyscraper where I temporarily lived, which had been established under the influence of “Unity” to negotiate with local government officials and the police. . The wind of “solidarity” also blew in the American trade union movement.

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In such a situation, one day my friend, an American journalist, invited me for lunch and conversation. The meeting was hosted by Francois Sasse, editor-in-chief of the quarterly Trilogy, the journal of The Trilateral Commission, an international body seen by some as a bridge between Western Europe, North America and Japan. Globalists' “deep” world government. As the UPI agency wrote, the dynamic Francois Soucy was the secretary of the Trilateral Commission Office, its spokesman, and the driving force behind all sorts of events in these “intellectual business and government sectors” of the world. Among the participants in the meeting were David Rockefeller's political advisers and two other men from the financial industry whom Soucy introduced to me. I can't remember their names, which is a pity.

Both gentlemen listened and only Francois Soucy continued the conversation, which saved the exchange of glances because his terrible French accent in American English I understood every third word so well. The conversation was unabashedly frank, with an open discourse on the situation in Poland, the Polish debt, Lek Walaza's planned visit to America, and the impact of “Solidarity” on the American trade union movement. In this context, my interlocutors emphasized the influence of an independent, self-governing trade union as a powerful force with an anti-Soviet bent, but…

“Remove” Unity

Here are words that still chill me to this day, but they fit the reflections of Siegfried Chaban. My interlocutors said it calmly and without beating around the bush They had an idea to destroy the “S” movement with Soviet hands (they talked about it in the past), but could not persuade Moscow, so “another solution must be found”. This last statement stuck in my mind. The cold logic of business. In the middle of the last century, the American establishment, with the help of the Mafia, destroyed the trade union movement in democratic America, only to be reborn decades later under a workers' influence. Organization from distant Poland, where communist tyranny was effectively undermined. A few weeks after my white-glove meeting, an initiative was launched by the “S” press office in New York. This office was to provide American media with teletype messages from union branches and “S” Company committees in Poland. An uncontrolled information channel does not suit firms on either side of the Atlantic.

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The New York conversation was echoed in February 1981 during the so-called vetting of Polish radio journalists. My fact-checkers used the argument that “Unity” was full of American spies. I replied that because “S's” example was anti-establishment in the USA, both in the trade union movement and outside, they should look for CIA agents in their own ranks. They looked at me like I was crazy and finished the check. Soon I was dismissed as “unfit to serve in a militarized unit”.

After the collapse of the Soviet bloc, I spoke about my meeting several times. Some asked if there was anyone else from the Polish side besides me. When I said no, they lost interest. My account departs greatly from the accepted narrative of Americans espousing Solidarity. Since I could not produce anyone or any document to confirm my words, the topic was considered tactfully exhausted. Now I don't have any “receipts” to recognize this part of the history of NSZZ “Solidarność”. David Rockefeller September 11, 1985 for lunch at Rockefeller Center on Fifth Avenue in New York. The financier greeted the general on the sidewalk in front of the entrance, and for almost two hours they spoke only in the presence of interpreters, the host personally showed the guest a collection of private paintings by great masters, and after the meeting, Rockefeller took Jaruselsky. Get out of the elevator and go with him to his car. In a word, extraordinary respect. What was discussed? Can a banker from the top shelf of the American establishment thank the Communist General for solving the problem of the workers' solidarity movement that became a model for the world trade union movement? Hard to say.

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On the Polish side, no recording of the conversation was made. On the US side, if a registration is made, it is not published.

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