DOOM: The Dark Ages will be announced next June, according to a new release “exclusively”

Image: ID Software, Bethesda

The next installment in the first-person shooter series, DOOM, is set to be revealed at the Xbox Games Show next June.

According to Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, this new entry will be officially titled “Death: The Dark Ages(formerly codenamed “Year Zero”) and is believed to be a “medieval-inspired” game.

Here’s exactly what he had to say:

“Last year, I heard early details about the next installment in the DOOM series, which was described to me as a “medieval-inspired world of doom.” While this doesn’t necessarily provide a lot of information to continue into Year Zero, “The Ages” begins “Dark” and “medieval-inspired” paint a vivid picture of where the series could go next. Maybe we’ll get an early look at the Doomslayer’s life during the Middle Ages??

There is, too He claims that the title will be a “multi-platform” release.And Windows Central Jez Corden has confirmed the report – explaining how the new game is “slated for PlayStation” as well.

Although there’s no specific mention of a Nintendo release, the Switch has received all of DOOM’s major entries including “impossible ports” of the latest titles and downloadable content.

In other words, if this rumored title makes its way to multiple other platforms in the future, there’s a chance it could end up on Nintendo’s next-gen consoles.

Nintendo said it will share an announcement about the Switch’s successor this fiscal year.

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