Donald Trump's main challenger has won the District of Columbia primary

According to Edison Research, the former US ambassador to the UN has a 62.9 percent success rate. Votes and Donald Trump 33.2 percent. The victory would bring the Republican National Convention 19 votes, 1,215 votes needed to secure the party's presidential nomination.

As the Associated Press highlighted, it slowed Trump's march to the nomination, at least temporarily, even though the former president will win several hundred more delegates at the next “Super Tuesday” national convention with 15 states and 1 resident. US overseas territories will vote. The votes of 874 delegates are to be polled.

Trump has won all eight primaries so far by significant margins, and according to projections, he can count on more victories to come.

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Ahead of the District of Columbia primary, Haley announced Friday that regardless of the outcome, she plans to keep fighting.

Reuters notes that the District of Columbia has 100 percent. There is a relatively large percentage of residents with urban character and higher education. However, Trump's electoral base consists mainly of small settlements and cities with less educated populations.

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