Donald Trump on Ukraine war: I will solve it in 24 hours

During a meeting with his Republican supporters in New Hampshire, Donald Trump said, among other things, that if he were president, there would be no war in Ukraine. “If I were president, I would settle this war in one day, in 24 hours,” he said.

The verdict is in on Donald Trump

A New York jury found Donald Trump guilty of sexual assault and defamation in a civil trial on Tuesday.

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Trump He also announced that he would meet the presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

Both have weaknesses, both have strengths, and this battle will be over in 24 hours. It will end, it will end completely Trump argued.

Trump has not called Putin a war criminal

“If you say he is a war criminal, it is very difficult to make a deal (…) People will hunt him down and hang him, and he will fight harder than in other situations.” “That’s something that needs to be discussed at a later date,” Trump said, admitting that it was Putin’s fault for entering Ukraine.

The former president refused to say who he would like to see win the war. – I think in terms of getting things done (…) I want Russians and Ukrainians to stop dying. I will do it within 24 hours,” Trump reiterated.

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He also mentioned the US spending on Ukraine. In his opinion (which was refuted by CNN), while the United States spent 171 billion dollars, Europe – only 20 billion.

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“I want Europe to add more money. (…) They have a lot of money,” argued the former president.

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