Donald Trump, Mike Pence welcomed with applause

Former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence may run for the 2024 White House, speaking Friday at the annual convention of the influential National Rifle Association (NRA). The first was greeted with applause, the second with cheers.

The meeting of NPR, an organization of gun activists, particularly supported by Republican US presidential candidates – this time in Indianapolis. In 2016, the union elected Trump.

i love you too”

Pence was briefly booed by the crowd when he took the stage in his home state of Indiana, where he once served as governor. He replied, “I love you too.” He also mentioned the recent mass shootings in Nashville and Louisville

CBS News reports.

As Pence said, America doesn’t need gun control, it needs crime control. He called for identifying people with mental illness as a way to prevent gun violence.

Speaking later, Trump accused President Joe Biden of waging a “war” on gun owners. He indirectly referred to the criminal proceedings pending against him.

They want to use the DOJ, the FBI and the local Attorney General and District to use our elections as a weapon.

Trump blamed his opponents.

Trump predicts the outcome of the Democrats

He promised that if he returned to the White House, the Democrats would end and “America will be a free country again.”

With me at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (the White House address) I promise no one will touch your gun like they did during the four years I was your president.

Trump noted.

CBS News has indicated that Pence has been critical of his former vice president since Pence confirmed Biden’s victory in the 2020 election. He tried to blame Pence for the January 6, 2021 riots.

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On Friday, Trump joked about the former vice president’s reception to the crowd.

I hope you gave Benz a good hearted endorsement

Trump said.


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