Donald Dusk attacked Zbigniew Ziobro. She calls him “Mr. Z”

“As long as Mr. Z is Minister of Justice, the President’s pro-European good speeches will still be good speeches,” Donald Dusk wrote on Twitter.

Speech by Andrzej Duda during the National Assembly and Donald Duskin’s Praise

– I hope that matters relating to the development of Poland’s defense and armed forces can precisely form a cross-party agreement, excluding them from political controversy. Andrzej Duda addressed the National Assembly.

“Poland’s presence in NATO and the EU is equally important,” President Sejm said, adding that “these are the foundations of our security” and “the Polish Risen Date”.

Andrzej Duda’s speech impressed Donald Tusk, who praised the president on Friday’s facts after facts. Beyond this PiS template, it is good that he is undoubtedly elevated today Rated by the head of the civic base.

Dusk also participated in the session at Sezm. He also spoke of extreme political unity on TVN24. We all have a sense of unbridled solidarity when it comes to Poland’s security and Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. It felt so good in this room Donald Duskin commented on “Fakty po Faktach”.

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Andrzej Duda: The “evil empire” has never gone down in history

For more than two weeks, the military and the Ukrainian nation have been fighting valiantly against the invaders, President Seymour said. He stressed that our neighbors set an example to the whole world of what true courage and love are for our common values. Freedom, Sovereignty and Democracy. They pay a high price for it. Ukrainian cities are bombed, apartments, apartments, schools and hospitals are attacked. The attacks of the Russian invaders bear the marks of genocide Said Duda.

What Russia is doing in Ukraine shows that this “evil empire” has never fallen in history, and today it is showing its worst face again. The President added.

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