Dom DiSandro’s new title won’t circumvent the rule that kept him off the field last year

Dom DiSandro has a new address. The new title doesn’t translate into new access to the field or new abilities to interact with opposing players.

DiSandro added “game day coaching operations” to his previous titles — senior advisor to the general manager and chief security officer. Some interpreted this improvement as reflecting the Eagles’ attempt to insulate DiSandro from the discipline he received as a result of his actions during the Week 13 loss to the 49ers.

In this case, DeSandro (who was ejected for the rest of the regular season) got involved in an altercation and made contact with a 49ers player. His new title wouldn’t give him the license to do so.

The Eagles called the explanation speculation, and clarified that they did not tell any media outlets that DiSandro’s new title gives him new access or rights.

The memo sent to all teams on September 13, 2023 reads: “Non-playing employees of the club (such as management personnel, coaches, trainers and equipment personnel) are prohibited from making unnecessary physical contact with or directing abuse, threats, or insulting language or gestures to opponents or Game officials or league representatives. Violations before or during a game may also result in disqualification. Any violations at the game site on game day, including after the game, may result in disciplinary penalties by the commissioner. Penalty: 15 yards loss.

On December 6, 2023 (after the DiSandro incident), the league said this in another memo: The NFL’s playing rules, and our game operations policies, clearly prohibit the use of non-playing personnel — coaches, trainers, equipment personnel, security officers or others — From making physical contact, taunting, or directing abusive or insulting language toward opposing players, game officials, or other game participants. If an altercation occurs, club personnel must allow coaches and game officials to manage the situation, with officials assessing appropriate sanctions, assisted by the league office as needed. Under no circumstances may club personnel handle or make physical contact with another club’s player(s) or other individuals.

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So, no, the new title doesn’t change anything. If DiSandro has “unnecessary physical contact with or [directs] Any language or gesture that is offensive, threatening or insulting to opponents, game officials or league representatives will face further removal from the field. His history and high standing of trust and responsibility reflected by his new title could make his next punishment even worse.

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