Dmitry Medvedev comments on the death of the Russian pilot with a smile

Dmitry Medvedev is known for his controversial opinions. In a recent one, the former Prime Minister and former President of Russia commented on the death of Russian pilot Maxim Kuzmino. He commented in brief but blunt terms on the crime against the Russian deserter.

When asked if it mattered whose hand pilot Maxim Kuzminov died, one of Vladimir Putin's closest allies, “already said everything.” As he said this, the politician was clearly smiling.

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Medvedev was not the first and only representative of the Russian authorities. who decided to comment on Kuzmino's death. The head of Russia's foreign intelligence service, Sergei Naryshkin, called the pilot a “traitor” and a “criminal.” He added that Kuzminov “became a moral corpse the moment he planned his dirty and terrible crime.”

Russian pilot dies in Spain What do you know?

The Ukrainian side confirmed that Kuzminov was given the opportunity to stay in Ukraine, where he can count on protection. However, the Russian decided to go to Spain. The BBC, citing information from Spanish services, said the man may have used a false identity.

Guzmino's body, according to Spanish news agency EFE He was found near a property in the town of Villajoyosa on Spain's east coast, along with documents confirming his citizenship, albeit under a different name.

During a press conference in September, Kuzminov He said he decided to switch sides because he opposed Russian aggression against Ukraine. He admitted that the Ukrainian side also offered him money and protection for his loved ones.

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Already last fall, human rights defenders of the organization warnedthat the pilot is in critical condition. It was reported that officials from the GRU, the Russian military intelligence service, “were ordered to remove him”.

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