Did Wagner’s mercenaries come to the Donets? They are about to hold a series of provocations

Wagner’s mercenaries arrived in Donets, a separatist stronghold in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. The Operational-Tactical Committee of the Ukrainian Armed Forces “East” says that along with the Russian services, they should carry out attacks and then blame the Ukrainian side. A spokesman for the Ukrainian ruling party provided dangerous information about the shelling of representatives and foreign journalists.

“As the situation at the demarcation line worsened, information about the case began to emerge from various sources. The products of the occupying forces and their Russian probation officers for a series of provocations“- that was written in the press release.

“According to intelligence, a group of mercenaries known as the Wagner group came to the Donets to carry out a series of terrorist attacks in Russia – to carry out a provocation – They have to demolish residential buildings“- We read.

As it is added, the purpose of such provocations is to blame Ukraine for these activities and to increase it.

That was emphasized Ukrainian forces have not planned any offensive operations.

“In one post, representatives and representatives of the foreign media were set on fire and evacuated to a shelter,” Julija Balijchuk, spokeswoman for the ruling People’s Party of Ukraine, wrote in the Telegram.

She later promised Everyone is in a safe place now. No one was injured.

Anton Heroschenko, a representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Denis Monastirsky, head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, announced that the delegation and 25 foreign journalists were on fire in Donbass.

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“Journalists from CNN, Fox News, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Voice of America and other global media were able to see with their own eyes those who were actually preparing for the peaceful attack on Ukraine and those who were preparing for self – defense,” Herashchenko said.

The incident took place near the village of Novoluhansky in the Donetsk region.

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