Did an important church hierarchy abuse a minor? The Pope reacts

Not only in Poland, the church has not been doing very well in recent years. Another scandal that should not happen anywhere has come to light. This time, the case is not about an “ordinary” priest, but a clergyman from the highest church circles.

In January of this year the Primate of Canada and Metropolitan of Quebec, Cardinal Cyprien Lacroix, 67, was added to the list of clerics accused of sexually abusing a minor. As if that were not enough, the case applies not only to the primate but also to other priests associated with the local seminary.

In the mid-1980s scandalous circumstances allegedly arose during a Bible seminar attended by a 17-year-old girl with her parents. At one point, the priest allegedly left the girl with him. When they were both out of sight, the priest began making “gestures of a sexual nature.”

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The case reached the Vatican and Pope Francis. The head of the church has already appointed Quebec judge André Denis to preside over the inquiry following the nomination hearing.

The 67-year-old cardinal personally denies the allegations. Although he believed he was innocent, he withdrew from public appearances until the situation was clarified.

Another decision of the Pope, related to pedophilia, is still loud in Poland. Francis accepted the resignation of Archbishop Andrzej Dzięga from the service of Metropolitan Archbishop of Szczecin-Kamień. The order is said to be aware of sexual abuse of minors by priests in the Szczecin-Kamień Archdiocese.

Archbishop Andrzej Dzięga is one of the heroes of the TVN24 report “The longest trial of the Church”. About priest Andrzej Dimer (died February 16, 2021) who allegedly sexually abused minors. Archbishop Djiga is said to be aware of the case but did not report it to the appropriate authorities

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