Developer creates a delightful programming line based on Minecraft

Zoom / An example of a running Monocraft streak, which is based on Minecraft.

Developer in North Carolina Idris Hassan loves Maine Craft So much so that he recently created a one-space font for programming based on the typeface found in the widely popular video game. Results, Monocraftgives programmers the feeling that they are in Maine Craft Without using any assets from the game itself.

To be honest, I made this font because I thought it would be fun to see how fonts work,” Hassan told Ars. Maine Craft The fonts were missing a bunch of small details like kerning and proper pixel size, so I thought I should make them myself. Once that was done, there was no stopping me from exaggerating and turning it into a “proper” line of programming. In addition, I can now write Maine Craft Plugins in Maine Craft Line! “

to adapt Maine Craft The font for development has improved, redesigned the characters to look better in a monospaced format, added some serifs to make letters like “i” and “l” easier to distinguish, created new software binding characters, and refined the stock characters to make them easier to read. (The hyphen characters combine common operational character strings like “!=” into one new character, but it’s Not always popular with developers.)

Could you Download Monocraft From GitHub for free (get “Monocraft.otf” on the releases page). It is not endorsed by Microsoft or Mojang and should be considered a fan project. As an OpenType font, it works on Windows, Mac or Linux systems. To install it on Windows, right-click on the font file and select “Install”. On a Mac, double-click the font file and select “Install Font” in the Font Book window that appears.

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Previously, Hassan created an original version of the Minecraft typeface that features variable spaces like the font in the game. it’s a Available on github like that.

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson originally created the Maine Craft The font for a previous game is called room legendcirca 2008. Maine Craft The writing style includes the old pixel art style that hears a return to 8-bit and 16-bit console games, which was a perfect match for Notch’s Lo-fi art style. Now it has found a new role as a fun line for developers everywhere.

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