Denmark. Military: Before the Nord Stream gas pipelines were blown up, there was a Russian special mission ship nearby.

Four days before the explosion of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, a Russian special mission ship was near the site of the sabotage, according to the command of the Danish Armed Forces, the Danish newspaper “Information” quoted.

Nord Stream eruptions. Bundestag against the Commission of Inquiry with Sikorsky in the background

“Deutsche Welle” writes that Bundestag representatives rejected the AfD’s request to appoint a commission of inquiry into the damage to the Nord Stream.

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On September 22, 2022, the military confirmed to journalists that it had taken 26 photographs from the P524 Nymfen patrol vessel documenting the presence of the Russian vessel SS-750 east of Bornholm.. The unit carries the AS-26 prize in a small submarine.

“This is incredibly interesting information. The SS-750 is a special vessel designed for underwater operations,” emphasizes Joachim von Braun, a Swedish expert on intelligence and Russia.

Nord Stream eruptions. The Danish Army does not display images

At the same time, the Danish armed forces refused to provide the “information” newspaper with photos of the Russian ship. Citing their “exploratory nature”.

Earlier, the Danish military disclosed to the media that they had 112 photographs of various Russian vessels sailing near the sites of the NS 1 and 2 explosions. It is not known which units the remaining 86 photographs represent.

Gas leaks from the Russian-German Nord Stream gas pipeline occurred on September 26-27, 2022, southeast of Bornholm and northeast of the island. Danish and Swedish prosecutors’ offices are investigating the case.

Investigators from both countries confirmed the explosion and pointed to sabotage.

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