Death of Russian managers of Gosprombank. “This is not suicide”

50 years old Igor VolobuevHas worked for many years in the eastern Ukrainian city of Ochtyrka Moscow He earned almost 200 thousand. Dollars per year and lived a comfortable life. “But after the war broke out, Russia’s vice president Cosprom Bank He decided to take a different path: he quit his job and returned to Ukraine, where he fought with the Russians, describing himself as “built”.

On February 24, when the first news about Fr came. Russian attack, Volobuyev decided that he could no longer stay in the occupier’s country. “I decided that day to go to Ukraine and defend the country there. – Of course, in Moscow, I did not talk to anyone about my decision. It took me a few days to arrange the trip. I left most of what I had, he explained.

He reached Ukraine via Istanbul and immediately wanted to join the army, however, his plan was rejected due to his lack of military experience. – This is what sets Ukraine apart from Russia. Ukraine does not need artillery, but needs experienced soldiers. In terms of mentality, there is a fundamental difference between Russians and Ukrainians. While the Russians have always been obedient and serve their superiors, the Ukrainians want to live freely. That is why, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there were always free elections and an independent press – Volobiev explained.

In his view, these differences illustrate the brutal behavior of the Russian military against civilians. – When the Russian soldiers fearlessly stumbled upon the free people they saw in their eyes, it became more aggressive to them, culminating in the brutal massacres of civilians – Volobuev explained that in his years in Moscow he “gained deep insight into the Russian elite and their way of thinking.”

– At Gazprom, many feel that what their country has been doing in Ukraine since 2014 is irrelevant. They understand where Russia is going, but they do not dare to do anything about it. They also know that their government is capable of doing anything, Volobiev stressed.

He also firmly believes that the suicides of many Russian top managers in recent weeks are not suicides. “They knew too much, so they were evicted,” he told Bildt.

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