Death of a Russian Conscript. The 27-year-old didn’t even make it to the front – o2

On September 21, Vladimir Putin announced a “partial” mobilization in Russia, involving a total of 300,000 men.. According to Bloomberg, in connection with the announcement, more Russians fled Russia at the same time than went to the units.

Conscripts who stayed in the country complained bitterly about living conditions before being sent to the front.. It is common for newly drafted soldiers to be sent to Ukraine without proper training, necessary equipment and warm clothing. Moreover, new recruits often die before leaving their home country.

The last case concerns the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. According to Maxim Ivanov, a deputy of the Russian State Duma, the man complained of health problems shortly before his death.

His heart stopped. Doctors resuscitated him four times, but unfortunately could not save him, Ivanov said.

Ivanov said military officials were investigating an accidental death. The Russian news service of 74.RU reported that the man was 27-year-old Maxim Rodionov.

New mandatory in Ukraine. Rebellion of soldiers

Russian soldiers arriving in Ukraine as part of mobilization to fill enemy units there are demobilized and completely unfit for combat; After a few days ahead of them, drinking, fights, quarrels with superiors and disregard for discipline.

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